Less than 48 hours!

Hello Everyone-

At this point everyone should have received their workshop preferences (or the leader of the group has received them).  If this is not the case please email me asap!  bbechand@skidmore.edu


Here is the update everyone was sent via email:

Reminder that check-in is 4pm-10pm at Zankel Music Hall.  Specifically we will be in Beckerman, but there will be signs.
Zankel has a large parking lot so there should be plenty of spaces to park.

I have two unfortunate pieces of information-  recently David Wells and Kazuhiro Tsumura had to cancel their participation due to unforeseen circumstances.  I know this news comes as a great disappointment for many of you- so I am opening the option to be refunded.  If you would like a refund simply email me.
However before you make this decision I would like to let you know of two good pieces of information.
Long time student of Tsumura-sensei, Shigeru Watanabe, has received permission to teach the miyake style for this event.  I am extremely thankful to Shigeru for reaching out and getting this permission because it means we will still be able to offer miyake workshops. (Tsumura’s bachi will still be for sale)
Bio for Shigeru Watanabe:
Second, at the last moment taiko master Hiro Kurashima has agreed to join us for the weekend to offer two workshops on Saturday morning and afternoon.  The topic for both is Advanced Kumi-Daiko.
Workshop Description:
Kumi-daiko, an ensemble playing on different drums in size and rhythm was first introduced by Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi of O-Suwa Daiko in 1951.  Ever since many groups today follow this revolutional style.  
In this workshop participants will pick up positions either Chu-daiko(melody), Shime-daiko(rhythm), or O-daiko(base) and make an ensemble setting up Uchigashira(lead drummer) within a group.  A group could be small three drummers band to everybody playing together. Participants actually learn some O-Suwa Taiko traditional piece.
Instructor: Hiro Kurashima  A master O-Suwa style Taiko drummer, and founder of Taiko Masala.
Hiro Kurashima is the founder of Taiko Masala, Master ( Shihan ) of  Suwa style taiko drumming. He has sought to bring the influences of various types of music into the art of Japanese music while , at the same time, preserving the tradition, which echoes through all his performances. Hiro was a member of Lincoln Center Teaching Artist 2004 and 2005.
Anyone may register for Kurashima’s workshops on a first come first serve basis.  So email me asap if you’d like to switch in!
My final note is with regards to food!
Although Friday night isn’t including in the covered meals for the conference- there will be pizza, similar to last year.
Lunch and Dinner on Saturday will be in the Skidmore Dining Hall which will accommodate all dietary restrictions and its unlimited food!  (plus the dining hall is really nice).
If you have any questions just send me an email.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
**(As always- if you can spare any extra room to bring a drum or two (or some stands!) that would be extremely appreciated!!)