Participating Groups

We want to hear about you!  Send me a blurb and picture of your group and I’ll post it here 🙂


New York Taiko Aiko Kai (Kyoko M. Toyama, Founder and Director) is one of the Taiko groups in residence as part of the TC Taiko Society at Teachers College, Columbia University. It began in 2002 when a few families at an Upper West Side public school began practicing Taiko with a hope to pass Japanese culture to their children. The group has always been family oriented, but many adults have also joined the group over the years. Hiro Kurashima, Osuwa Daiko Shihan, who was certified by the late Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi, was the founding teacher of the group, and continues to teach and perform with the group regularly. NYTAK has performed at various schools and institutions, including the Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Japan Heritage Day at the Staten Island Yankees, and public and private schools in New York. NYTAK is a member of the New York Osuwa Daiko Association. For more information, please contact
IMG_5978End year party 2013


TCNJ Taiko
Assembled in 2008, TCNJ Taiko is a drumming ensemble consisting of about 14 members. Located on The College of New Jersey’s campus in Ewing, New Jersey, our group is dedicated to the art of Japanese kumi-daiko, or ensemble drumming. We learn and perform a variety of pieces, from traditional ones to original ones written by alumni and current members.






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