Mark H. Rooney

A recent transfer to Washington DC, Mark has performed taiko around the world, taught students of all ages and backgrounds the power and joy of taiko, and led New England’s largest taiko group with his contemporary, hard-rocking style and sense of humor.

From 2008 to 2010 Mark was Artistic Director of Odaiko New England (ONE), New England’s premier taiko group. He joined ONE as a performer in 1998, became a full time staff member in 2004, and 2008 was appointed to succeed founder Elaine N. Fong in the artistic director role.

Mark has worked both on and off stage with some of today’s most renowned taiko performers, including KODO, Marco Lienhard (Taikoza), Tiffany Tamaribuchi (Sacramento Taiko Dan) and Kaoru Watanabe (KODO, KWTC Ensemble).

As a performing artist, Mark’s credits span multiple continents and genres. While living in Wakayama, Japan from 2000-2003, Mark performed with local taiko groups including Shippu Uchi Daiko and Kiishuu Ryujin Daiko. He has also performed widely in Europe and the United States as a touring member of Marco Lienhard’s Taikoza. As a composer, Mark has produced original taiko pieces for several groups, including signature pieces “Kashmir”, “Senryu” and “Shin-en”. Mark has also collaborated with other artists and musicians such as Marshall Hughes (Opera Unmet) and jazz trumpeter Tiger Okoshi (Yamaha Artist and Berklee College of Music Professor). Mark’s experience as a performer also extends to elements of production and stagecraft, reflected in ONE’s self-produced concerts “Crossroads,” “Transformations,” and “re-Vision.”

Although Mark is a dynamic and talented performer, his true passion lies with teaching taiko. During his tenure as Artistic Director, Mark was the principal instructor for ONE’s many classes and workshops, greatly expanding the group’s teaching capacity. He led an after school program at Concord-Carlisle High School and designed and led residencies at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, the Allston Boys and Girls Club and the Roxbury Community College Summer Arts Intensive program for youth. He was also a guest instructor at Wesleyan University, where he established and taught widely popular courses in taiko for five years.

Mark’s own training comes from a wide range of dynamic teachers including Eiichi Saito (KODO) and Ryo Shimamoto (Shippu Uchi Daiko), after whom he models his own teaching style.

Mark is excited to share taiko with a new community in our nation’s capital.

“Taiko has connected me to such a large number of truly extraordinary people; I am ever grateful for that.”



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