Since its inception in 1998, RAW has largely been a self-taught group, with senior members passing on knowledge to newer members, and with each member collectively supporting each other’s learning. Over the years, RAW members have also gained skills through workshops, lessons and intensives with Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Masami Miyazaki and Eiichi Saito (of KODO), Ryutaro Kaneko (formerly of KODO), Kiyoshi Nagata and Aki Takahashi (of Nagata Shachu), Roy and PJ Hirabayashi (of San Jose Taiko), Tiffany Tamarabuchi (of Sacramento Taiko Dan), and Megan Chao Smith (formerly of Shidara). Several members have also participated in the KASA/Mix tour to Sado Island, and the North American Taiko Conference and Summer Taiko Institute over the years.

Over the last few years, RAW has expanded its community and educational outreach, doing residencies at various TDSB schools, workshops series with the Queer Asian Youth, as well as offering introductory taiko workshop to the public.  RAW is unique in the taiko community in that the group is a strong advocate for the queer community and providing women-safe environment at our performances and workshops.

In July of 2012, RAW took on its most ambitious project to date:  organizing and launching the very first Toronto Taiko Festival.  The festival, 3 days of workshops, panel discussion, and a public concert, drew over 500 audience members, 50 workshop participants from over 15 cities, with 2 international teachers and performances by 4 Canadian Taiko groups.



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