Workshop Section 3

Tottemo Yoi- PJ Hirabayashi

Learn a movement exercise on/around betta drum, kakegoe/chant, interplay of 3-basic ji, soloing.

All levels of experience are welcome.

How Leaders Lead- Roy Hirabayashi

This workshop takes a look at different ways to take on a leadership role in your group. Defining leadership and identifying various leadership models will be discussed. How to manage the other members of the group, drill exercises to help bring the group together and suggestions on how to best maintain order and focus during your practice and performance will be reviewed.

Group leaders or those who want to be leaders in your group.

Miyake (Advanced)- Shigeru Watanabe

Miyake Taiko is a traditional Japanese Taiko drumming style that has developed as a music in Miyake-island, an island of the Izu Island chain, locating at 180km south of Tokyo. During a traditional festival, Gozu Tenno Sai, the people on Miyake-island play Miyake Taiko from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and carry the portable shrine around the town.

Simple rhythm and powerful beat. Basically, the sound of Miyake Taiko is composed of only 3 straightforward rhythm patterns so that it does not require any musical scores. And also, it is distinguished form other taiko style by its quick and powerful beat. The intensity of the beat is described that the heads of drums used for Miyake Taiko must be changed once a year though those used for other taiko styles usually changed once in every 10 years. Through the years as a festival music, these two aspects have grown into the powerful and exciting groove of Miyake Taiko nowadays.

Solid Shime Daiko Playing- Kenny Endo

Good shime daiko technique will improve your technique on all sized taiko.  This class will concentrate on the intricate shime daiko techniques and patterns found in the lively festival music of Edo Bayashi (Tokyo festival music).  Emphasis will be on timing, playing with precision, grip, sound, nori (groove), and relaxing.

Practice Drum Building Workshop- Miles Endo

On a budget but want more drums? With some materials, time and elbow grease, a Taiko drum can be made anywhere in the world. I will cover Nagado drum body construction and skinning in this workshop.
Naname Fundamentals and Matsuri Variations- Isaku Kageyama

This workshop will cover fundamental techniques of the Naname playing style, historical origins, and methods for incorporating the dynamic movements into contemporary playing.  Participants can expect to learn fundamental Naname technique as well as movements to supplement their playing.

All levels.

“Open Source” Song: Shin-enMark H. Rooney

This simple yet dynamic song involves a number of skills as a taiko performer and drummer. It has been played by numerous groups in both the States and Japan and can be easily adapted to fit any taiko groups style or repertoire.

Odaiko: Form, Power, Grace Stuart Paton

This workshop will cover head isolation and stance, joint alignment and sequence, palm orientation, different  Odaiko grips.  Other topics will include turning from the hips, upper body torque or no torque, and adjusting the arms flight path accordingly.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Jangkedo: A New Way to Play Sling Okedo Soh Daiko

Borrowing techniques directly from the Janggo (the Korean hourglass drum), Jangkedo is a new way to play an Okedo drum, offering greater versatility, dynamics, and rhythmic possibilities. Workshop participants will learn basic technique (including grip and hitting techniques different from standard Okedo), movement, and rhythms from the Pungmul & Samulnori styles of Korean drumming, modified for Okedo.
This style involves hitting on the rim so please try to bring one shime bachi and one thin hardwood bachi of similar size & width. A few will be provided for those without.

Movement for Taiko- Raw

Do you want to expand your Taiko playing and composition to encompass more movement?  This workshop is based on fundamental dance techniques and will help expand your vocabulary of  movement in your taiko performance as well as improving your stage presence.  Starting with a warm-up to get you connected with your body and its capabilities, we will explore moving through space, in both vertical and horizontal planes.  Participants will also have a chance to learn a section of RAW’s orginial composition, “Royster.”

No dance experience necessary!


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